KW V3 Coilover Kit, eFWD Polestar 2

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    Increase the handling performance of your Polestar 2 with a KW V3 Coil over Kit. 35267018 is designed to fit eFWD Polestar 2 Models.

    KW Coilover systems are a combination of lowering springs and specially tuned shortened shock absorbers that have been coupled with engineered threaded strut housings that allow you to lower your vehicle within a specified ranged using the adjustable aluminum spring perches. All KW Coil over systems are constructed using stainless steel INOX strut housings that provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, guaranteeing functionality for the life of the vehicle.

    KW Variant 3: Race technology for the road, with adjustable compression and rebound dampening.State of the art motorsport technology enables better performance on the streets. The independently adjustable compression and rebound dampening allows for cutom driving setups. The exclusive KW patented system has dual level valves that allow for adjustment of the rebound dampening for your road comfort and the compression dampening that controls the driving dynamics.

    • Front Lowering: 20mm to 45mm
    • Rear Lowering: 20mm to 45mm

    Installation Notes: pdf.gif





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