Porterfield R4-S Rear Brake Pads, S/V70 AWD, AP391

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R4-S: High Performance Street:

Designed specifically for high performance and heavy-duty street conditions, Porterfield Enterprises's R4-S compound brake pads are perfect for everyday street use, but also capable of tolerating the most severe street use without any brake fade. The R4-S friction level will offer increased stopping ability with minimal pedal effort, while remaining rotor-friendly. The R4-S compound has the absolute lowest noise and dust levels than any other high performance brake pad. Good for performance street, autocross, and mild track use.

R4-S Compound Features:

  • Superb stopping power under heavy use
  • More friction level (up to .41) than OEM pads
  • Gentle on rotors
  • Very low dust
  • Virtually noise-free