• StopTech Performance Racing Brake Fluid, STR-660, 501.00002

StopTech Performance Brake Fluid, STR-660

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Product Description

StopTech Performance Brake Fluid is specifically designed for high performance motoring. Available in STR-600 (high performance street) and STR-660 (racing) formulations, StopTech Performance Brake Fluid is a DOT 4 motor vehicle brake fluid, engineered to ensure continued brake system performance at high operating temperatures. In addition to guarding against boiling and subsequent loss of efficiency at severe racing temperatures, StopTech Brake Fluid maintains excellent viscosity, lubricity and non-compressibility. StopTech Performance Brake Fluid exceeds the current specification of U.S. FMVSS 116 (§ 571.116) DOT 4, is street legal, and compatible with modern ABS and other vehicle dynamic control systems. StopTech brake fluid is mixable with all DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids.

StopTech STR-600 Performance Brake Fluid

  • Typical Dry Boiling Point: 622°F (328°C)
  • Typical Wet Boiling Point: 404°F (206°C)
  • Minimum Wet Boiling Point: 383°F (195°C)
  • 500mL metal container gives fluid a 25% longer shelf life

Part Number: 501.00002

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