5 Chassis Braces You Didn't Know You Needed

5 Chassis Braces You Didn't Know You Needed

Posted by Max Rundlett on 24th Jul 2020

Volvo's are known for being sturdy vehicles, but are there ways to stiffen up the chassis for superior handling qualities? In this week's cover photo, we feature customer John Aji and his 2005 Magicama S60R built with his own perfect combination of chassis braces. You can find John on Instagram @johnaji. Photo taken by Brettography.

Chassis bracing is popular in many different forms of motorsport, including daily-driver applications. By mounting to various points on the chassis, chassis braces can help improve chassis rigidity. In high-horsepower and track applications, the chassis is put under a lot of stress. These braces can improve grip and handling by reducing flex.

Ultra Racing is a Malaysian-based chassis tuning specialist producing a variety of one-piece braces with dual or multiple mounting points. We carry variations of many different braces for your Volvo.

Strut Tower Brace

A strut tower brace is a must-have mod for almost any car, especially our FWD-biased Volvo's. Strut braces will decrease any changes in alignment you might face when driving. It improves steer-in angle as well as high speed stability.

Lower Front Brace

A lower front brace amplifies any improvements felt by a strut tower brace. This brace ties in directly with the front subframe to create more neutral handling by reducing forward chassis flex during hard cornering. 

Lower Rear Brace

The lower rear brace is perfect for any high-speed builds. This brace ties in directly with the rear subframe of the car, reducing "float" at high speeds. This mod is for sure to keep the car planted and firm when tearing up corners at the track or flying down the drag strip. 

Rear Cross Brace

A way to reduce understeer in a front-wheel drive car is to stiffen the rear end of the car up. Chassis flex gives your rear end a way to sway, forcing your front tires to lose grip. With a rear cross brace, the rear end of your car becomes more stable in corners, forcing your rear-end around the corner instead of straight ahead. I personally have this brace on my 2007 S60 T5M and have felt very little understeer - the car going right where I point it.

Side Chassis

Side chassis braces are like icing on the cake. This ties all the other braces together, increasing chassis rigidity and torsional strength. These really make the car handle neutrally with little understeer whatsoever, aiding in weight transfer from front to rear and vice-versa. 

Ultra Racing braces are all made with high quality steel and MIG welded joints, giving the driver a sense of security knowing that the braces are reliable under aggressive driving. These braces are bolt-on modifications, not requiring any kind of modification for install or use.

If you are interested in making your Volvo handle better today, check out Ultra Racing on our site, or email us today! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on select Ultra Racing braces within continental United States!