The Ultimate Volvo Center Caps Guide

The Ultimate Volvo Center Caps Guide

Posted by Max R on 15th Jul 2022

Original P80/P2/P1

Size: 2-1/2” Face Diameter, 2-7/16” Clip Diameter

Color: Black with silver accents

Original Fitment: P80 850/S70/V70/C70, -’04 P2 S60/V70/XC70/S80/XC90, ‘04-’06 P1

These OG caps can be found on all P80 Volvo 850, S70, V70, and C70with the exception of early model 850’s with larger covers over the hub, and cars equipped with steel wheels from the factory. These center caps can also be found on most early model P2 S60, V70, XC70, S80, and XC90s equipped with alloy wheels. A bit more uncommon, but you can also occasionally spot the odd P1 S40 or V50 with these caps if they were very early models. These caps were replaced by the following style below after 2005.

P1/P2/P3 Updated

Size: 2-1/2” Face Diameter, 2-7/16” Clip Diameter

ColorsBlack with a blue Volvo logogrey with a blue Volvo logo

Original Fitment: ‘05+ P2 S60/V70/XC70/S80/XC90, ‘06+P1 S40/V50/C70/C30, ‘07+ P3 S80/V70/XC70/XC60/S60/V60

The simple, black and silver center caps that were found on the P80 and early P2 cars were replaced with the facelift P2 center caps that saw out the P2 chassis, P1 chassis, and most of the P3 models. You could get these caps with a few different variations such as black (pictured), and grey.


Size: 2-1/2” Face Diameter, 2-7/16” Clip Diameter

ColorSilver with a black Volvo logogrey with a black Volvo logoblack with a black Volvo logowhite with black Volvo logo

Original Fitment: ‘17+ P3 S60/V60, ‘16+ XC90/S90/V90/XC60/XC40/S60/V60

Going back to neutral styling, these center caps found on late model P3 and SPA/CMA chassis Volvos bring a contemporary compliment to the wheels they are found on. Simple yet refined, these caps embody modern Swedish style and can be found in black, grey, and silver.

P3 Polestar 20" Wheels & 19" Winter Wheels

Size: 2-1/4” Face Diameter, 2-1/16” Clip Diameter

ColorBlank grey facegrey Polestar engraved face with a grey surround

Original Fitment: ’15-‘16 P3 S60/V60 Polestar Wheels

An exclusive center cap for the 2015 and 2016 Polestar S60 and V60, these stylish caps represented the performance improvements that Volvo’s performance division, Polestar, brought to the P3 S60 and V60 Polestar. These cars came with significantly larger brakes, a more aggressive ECU map, leather and suede interior, high-flow exhaust, and the wheels these caps came standard on, all exclusive to the Polestar models.

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