Do88 Big Pack Intercooler Kit, Volvo S60/V60, S90/V90, XC60/XC90

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    Enhance the performance of your Volvo S60/V60, S90/V90, XC60/XC90 with a Do88 Big Pack Intercooler Kit. BIG-260 is designed to work on Volvo S60/V60, S90/V90, XC60/XC90 2.0L models.

    Turbo vehicles utilize an intercooler to keep the charge air temps down. This translates to better performance. If you are trying to get the most out of your vehicle, an upgraded intercooler is what you need. This intercooler is developed to give the best performance with minimal modification. The Do88 Intercooler has 62% more volume and flows 39% more air versus the factory intercooler. The end-tanks on this intercooler are designed with CAD software with the aim to create the best possible end-tank that distributes the the airflow over the entire core to maximize cooling while minimizing pressure drop. The Big Pack Intercooler Kit contains all brackets and mounting hardware needed for an effortless install. Also included is an intercooler piping kit from the turbo compressor outlet to the throttle body.

    OEM Intercooler Part Number Reference: 31370288, 31686412, 31439498, 32222269, 32222271, 32222071, 32222272, 31441970, 31338306, 31410892

    Big Pack Features:

    • 62% larger core volume over factory
    • 39% more air flow
    • 2.5" and 2.75" Intercooler Piping kit included
    • All Aluminum Construction
    • Contains factory mounting points and any hardware needed to install

    Intercooler Installation PDF:pdf.gif

    Piping Kit Installation PDF: pdf.gif



    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2019+ Volvo S60/V60 T5/T6 excl Hybrid Models
    • 2017+ Volvo S90/V90 T5/T6 excl Hybrid Models
    • 2018+ Volvo XC60 T5/T6  excl Hybrid Models
    • 2016+ Volvo XC90 T5/T6 excl Hybrid Models

    **Note: Not for cars with water-cooled charge air cooler integrated in intake manifold.