Genuine Polestar Front Brake Rotor, Polestar 2

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    Replace your worn-out rotors with Genuine Polestar Front Brake Rotors. PO-021004 is designed to fit 2021+ Polestar 2 models without the Performance Pack.

    Improve your braking performance and reliability with a new set of brake rotors for your Polestar 2. As brake rotors age, they can make noise, create unsafe and unpredictable braking conditions, and just look plain bad behind your beautiful wheels. Alleviate these issues for miles to come with new Genuine Polestar Front Brake Rotors!

    These rotors are priced and sold individually

    Replacing brake pads too? Find them here!

    **Note: These rotors are not for Performance Pack Models with the factory Big Brake Kit.