Genuine Polestar Pixel LED Euro-Spec Headlamp Assembly, Polestar 2

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    Genuine Polestar LED "Pixel Technology" headlamps for the Polestar 2 from LHD European Markets feature 84 camera-controlled pixel LED's in each headlamp that automatically adapt to current light and weather conditions, ensuring vehicles from oncoming traffic are never dazzled. The amber reflector is also missing compared to USA spec headlamps, for a cleaner aesthetic look. Achieve optimal illumination of the road with the "Pixel Technology" headlights because the high beam is always on and will automatically dim whenever a vehicle approaches yours.

    Will require software to activate active LED Pixel technology; please consult with a Polestar service center for more information.

    Priced and sold individually per side. 332228753, 332228754