H&R Lowering Springs, Volvo 850/V70 w/ Self Leveling

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    Upgrade the handling and looks of your FWD Volvo 850/V70 Wagon by installing an H&R Lowering spring kit 29955-2.

    ViVA Performance is proud to offer H&R Sport Spring kits. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs lower the vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make the vehicle more streamline and improve gas mileage.

    H&R Lowering Springs will lower your FWD Volvo 850/V70 1.2 inches in the front and 1.0 inches in the rear.

    **Note: This kit is designed for FWD Wagons equipped with Self-Leveling Suspension