Heico Sportiv e.motion V-max Increase, Volvo XC60

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    Increase your car's top speed after bypassing the top speed limiter with an e.Motion V-max Increase by Heico Sportiv. H2020680 is designed to work with SPA chassis 2021 Volvo XC60 T6/T8 Recharge and Polestar Engineered models. 

    The engineers over at Heico Sportiv believe in the freedom of choice, so when Volvo announced they would be speed limiting newer cars to 112mph, they designed the e.Motion V-max Increase. This product is designed to bypass the factory speed limiter for use when the lawful speed limit allows for it. The top speed is increased from 112mph/180kmh to 143mph/230kph. Made in Germany by Heico Sportiv, the e.Motion V-max Increase has been tested rigorously and tuned for each specific model, ensuring the highest quality possible. This also means that the car retains it's updatability and serviceability by Volvo. 


    • Increased top speed
    • Thoroughly tested for high quality
    • Discreet, hidden integration
    • Easy plug-and-play installation

    Installation Instructions:


    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2021 Volvo XC60 T6/T8 Recharge and Polestar Engineered


    This product is intended for use on roads and tracks where speeds legally allow for it. Please be mindful that Volvo has equipped some of their newer cars with tires that are not rated for speeds in excess of 112mph/180kph, so if you are to use this product, you will need V-rated tires that allow for speeds of 149mph/240kph.