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Performance Volvo Engine Builds

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Product Description

Over the past few years, our more discerning customers who were not satified with "bolt-on" only upgrades have turned to ViVA Performance for consultation and direction prior to beginning a performance Volvo engine rebuild project. As a premier tuner of turbocharged Volvo engines for the past 12 years, we have gained a deep understanding of these engines, and their limitations in pushing the performance envelope.

ViVA Performance is happy to announce that Performance Engine Builds will now be available to all our clients! If you're looking for 500+ horsepower capable performance engine, you have come to the right place. ViVA Performance can be your one-stop shop for the parts and labor (engine rebuilding, machining and assembly) necessary to build a high performance engine.  With essentially an unlimited number of upgrade options and variables available for each performance engine build, we highly recommend our clients Contact Us first to discuss their specific goals, requirements and other considerations.

Some of the more popular Performance Volvo Engine Build services we offer are listed below:

Darton Cylinder Sleeve Installation:

  • CNC Machining of engine block to instal Darton cylinder sleeves. Includes bore/hone/line hone services (disassembled engine block and intermediate section must be provided)
  • Physically measure individual piston bores and perform final bore machining of individual cylinder sleeves to match each piston

Cylinder Head Work:

  • Disassembly of original cylinder head, clean and inspect individual components,
  • Cylinder head pressure testing
  • Performance valve job, valve lashing, setup valvetrain, cleaning and reassembly of cylinder head
  • Ceramic coating of cylinder head exhaust bowl and runners
  • Install new intake valves, exhaust valves, valve springs, valve tappets and valve seals
  • Install performance intake and exhaust camshafts, camshaft seals, VVT solenoid gaskets
  • Install new cylinder head gaskets, o-rings and seals

Basic Shortblock Build:

  • Weight match pistons and connecting rods
  • Installation and final machining of connecting rods, pistons and piston rings
  • Inspection of crankshaft for straightness, perform machining and polishing, as necessary
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Blueprint/clearance
  • Final cleaning and assembly of rotator into engine block
  • Installation of new cylinder head studs and new cylinder head gaskets
  • Install and match main engine and connecting rod bearings using on engine block and crankshaft letter stampings
  • Install water pump and timing belt components (timing belt tensioner, idler pulley and timing belt)
  • Install new engine block and intermediate section gaskets, o-rings and seals


  • Port/polish intake manifold and exhaust manifold
  • Port/polish turbocharger turbine housing

 Performance Coatings and Treatments:

  • Cryogenic treatment of engine internal components
  • Ceramic coating of piston domes
  • Ceramic coating of intake manifold and exhaust manifold

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