Single Mass Flywheel, M66 AWD Manual Gearbox

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    Our single mass flywheel is designed to be a 100% direct replacement for the dual mass flywheels fitted from the factory on M66 AWD 6-speed manual gearbox equipped models. The flywheel is machined from billet steel and is significantly lighter than the heavy dual mass flywheel. Our single mass flywheel was designed with the performance enthusiast in mind, and works best on vehicles performance tuned for additional power and who don't mind slight clutch chatter during idle. The single mass flywheel is designed to be compatible with both the original Volvo clutch kits and our SPEC Stage 3+ clutch kits, and includes dowel pins for the selected clutch kit.

    Please select above the dowel pin style you'd like pre-assembled on the flywheel.

    Original Dual Mass Flywheel: 26.1 pounds

    Single Mass Flywheel: 17.75 pounds

    **NOTE: This single mass flywheel is not compatible with Genuine Volvo OEM Clutch Kit, S60R/V70R 2006-, PN 31367642 due to change in flywheel designs in 2006+ models. If you are using this on a C30/C70, S40/V50, you will need to use the S60R/V70R -2005 Clutch Kit.

    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2003 - 2007 S60R/V70R AWD with M66 6-speed manual Gearbox
    • 2004.5 - 2013 S40/V50 T5 AWD with M66 6-speed manual Gearbox
    • 2007 - 2013 C30 T5 with M66 6-speed manual Gearbox