TME Exhaust System, S60R/V70R

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The TME exhaust system for the Volvo S60R and V70R models is manufactured using stainless steel components suitable for exhaust systems. Larger diameter piping translates into increased torque and horsepower in the mid and upper rpm range. For turbocharged cars, this means that boost will come in at a lower RPM and with improved throttle response.

TME silencers work by absorption. Stainless steel wool and special, long fibre basalt wool are used in the silencers as sound absorbing material, with no power robbing baffles, so back pressure is minimized. In addition, TME exhaust systems conform to European noise levels (TUV), and have a pleasant deep note. In addition, all TME exhaust systems are fitted to factory exhaust mounts for a 100% true bolt-on kit, and includes all necessary installation hardware.

Recent tests were performed in Sweden to measure exhaust backpressure and vehicle performance on a S60R fitted with only a Stage 1 performance ECU upgrade and both factory cat-back and TME exhaust system. Exhaust backpressure was measured after the stock factory downpipe and catalytic converter. The factory cat-back exhaust measured 0.25bar backpressure, whereas the TME exhaust measured only 0.08 bar backpressure, indiciating a 65% reduction of backpressure! This reduction of backpressure also translated into more power. Power with Stage 1 performance ECU upgrade and stock factory exhaust peaked at 308hp. However, the same Stage 1 performance ECU upgrade and TME exhaust peaked at 334hp (+26hp), or a +8.4% increase of power by upgrading to a TME exhaust system!

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