Turbo Billet "Super Hybrid" K24 Compressor Wheel, Volvo S60R/V70R

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    If you want the absolute biggest compressor wheel upgrade for your S60R/V70R and S60 T5 K24 turbocharger unit , look no further than our "Super Hybrid" billet compressor wheel!

    Billet vs. Cast Construction:

    Nearly all mass-produced turbocharger assemblies utilize a steel alloy compressor wheel which is manufactured from a casting. Cast compressor wheels are cheaper to manufacture and can be constructed much more rapidly. Billet manufactured wheels for example, are made from a single block of aluminum and CNC machined to an extremely high level of precision. A billet construction method allows for the aluminum compressor fins to be made much thinner than a comparable cast steel alloy wheel. The combination of aluminum material and thinner compressor fins greatly reduces the weight of a billet compressor wheel compared to a cast compressor wheel. Reducing the weight of the compressor wheel greatly reduces rotating inertia and improves turbo spool up and overall responsiveness. 

    Billet "Super Hybrid" Compressor Wheel Specifications:

    ViVA Performance's Billet "Super Hybrid" Compressor wheel is the absolute biggest wheel to fit in your KKK K24 turbo and allows for maximum mid and top-end performance/ It is capable of delivering over 420WHP of raw power.

    Original Compressor Wheel: 6+6 Blade / 45.78mm Inducer / 61.98mm Exducer

    "Super Hybrid" Compressor Wheel: 58.00mm Inducer / 75.00mm Exducer

    Installation Notes:

    • Custom Engine computer (ECU) tuning is required after installing our Billet Hybrid Compressor Wheels and should not be used one the stock ECU file.
    • The nut holding the factory compressor wheel to the turbine shaft is reverse thread. After installing your new Billet Compressor Wheel, use several drops of blue Loctite to secure the nut, and tighten to 50 in-lbs of torque.
    • Machining of the compressor housing and backing plate is required for installation.
    • Our Billet Compressor Wheels come pre-balanced during the manufacturing process. However, we recommend balancing the entire turbocharger CHRA after installing our Billet Compressor Wheel to reduce the possibility of an imbalanced factory turbine shaft and turbine wheel.

    Vehicle Fitment:

    • 2003-2007 Volvo S60R/V70R (B5254T4 engine)
    • 2005-2009 Volvo S60 T5 (B5244T5 engine)