Heico Is Raising The Limit

Heico Is Raising The Limit

Posted by Max Rundlett on 16th Oct 2020

This spring, Volvo shocked the enthusiast community by announcing a limited top speed for all of their new cars. While 112mph is more than enough to get any U.S. driver into trouble on public roads, this new limit is another push in Volvo’s efforts for safety innovation.

Lucky for us enthusiasts, tuners exist.

Heico SportIV, one of our premium Volvo styling and modification suppliers, has recently announced that by the end of November they will be offering e.Motion tuning devices that raise the speed limiter of your Volvo between 30 to 70kph (18 to 43mph). This means that the prior electronic speed limiter of 155mph will be achievable by the higher performance models.

The speed limiter will be initially available for more powerful models while other models are continually evaluated. Eventually, the limiter removal will be available for the 40, 60, and 90-series Volvos for petrol, diesel, and hybrid applications.

Heico’s e.Motion acts as a secondary ECU. Currently, the e.Motion units offer horsepower and torque upgrades for current SPA models. These units are offered on our site and are easily installed as plug-and-play technology.

Those interested in raising the limit on their Volvo should contact us today, either by email or social media