This Is What The Future Looks Like

This Is What The Future Looks Like

Posted by Max R on 3rd Dec 2021

Ever wondered what cars will look like in the future? I know I have. More aerodynamic, bold in their appearance. Maybe flying?

Volvo has done us the favor of showing us exactly what to expect with their future cars. Unfortunately, they do not fly (I know, I’m disappointed too).

The newest concept car for Volvo is called the Concept Recharge. Built upon their goals for sustainability and efficiency, both for the driver and the car.

The Concept Recharge boasts an interior and tires made from recycled materials, including an aerodynamic design. Everything about the car, from the production process to its presence on the street, is focused on reducing Volvo’s carbon footprint.

Putting that together with Volvo’s active efforts within their facilities to become climate neutral, Volvo Cars believes it can reduce their cars’ lifetime carbon footprint by 80% when compared to the 2018 XC60.

And don’t worry, this will all come at no expense to the luxurious experience Volvos are known to deliver.

A very real concern for those ready to make the jump into an electric car would be the range and accessibility to charging stations.

One way to improve upon that first issue would be to include more batteries. Simple, right? However, more batteries add more weight to the vehicle, reducing efficiency and growing the vehicles carbon footprint.

Volvo is determined to solve this problem without compromising on the luxuries available in SUVs today, such as space, convenience, and driving experience.

What do you think? Is the Concept Recharge representative of what you would like the future of Volvo’s lineup to look like? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook or Instagram post!