Top 5 Mods For P3 Chassis Cars!

Top 5 Mods For P3 Chassis Cars!

Posted by Max Rundlett on 28th Aug 2020

As one of the dominant Volvo chassis on the road's today, the P3 chassis is considered a favorite for it's versatility. Between the turbo six cylinder Polestar models, to a Drive-E XC60, there's something for everyone. In this blog, you'll find out just the best modifications you could add to make your P3 a bit more personal.


This interior mod is top of our list and for most people this is a high-return modification, even if it doesn’t add any power to your screaming Swede. A custom steering wheel will complement ANY car’s interior, and your P3 is no exception. Ask yourself, where do you spend most time, looking at your car or driving it? If the answer is the latter (and we find for most people it is), then you can come to appreciate the high quality alcantara, perforated leather, and custom stitching in every curve. If you’d like to make this high quality addition to your P3, be sure to send us an  email so we can get yours custom tailored exactly how you want it.


Rotora Street Challenge Front Big Brake Kit, Volvo S60/V60 Polestar - ViVA Performance

If you want the performance of the Polestar BBK, but are looking to go a different route, the fixed Rotora six-piston calipers will do just that. Paired with two-piece rotors and high quality pads, you’ll be stopping on a dime. The stainless steel lines ensure a firm pedal. The best part about this brake kit is that it has options for both front and rear, delivering high performance results that you can count on.

Rotora Street Challenge Front Big Brake Kit, Volvo S60/V60, V70/XC70, S80
Rotora Street Challenge Rear Big Brake Kit, Volvo S60/V60, V70/XC70, S80
Rotora Street Challenge Front Big Brake Kit, Volvo XC60
Rotora Street Challenge Rear Big Brake Kit, Volvo XC60


Volvo S60 V60 Performance Intercooler | Volvo - By vehicle | fr

In the middle of July, what happens when you step on it? Of course your car goes (and since it’s a Volvo, makes some pretty awesome noises), but what else? You may experience some heat soak from the stock intercooler system, leaving you down a couple of ponies. On the flip side, a  do88 intercooler frees up thirteen wheel horsepower. It even stays cool to the touch, per one customer. Plus, you can’t beat looking behind the grille seeing those mean bars staring back at you.

Performance Intercooler, Volvo S60/V60, XC60, S80, V70/XC70
Do88 ICM-290 Performance Intercooler, Volvo XC60 w/ Adaptive Cruise Control


3.5" Performance Downpipe for your 2011+ Volvo S60/V60 T6 Models, VOK33398S

If you’re looking for smiles-per-gallon mods, look no further. A high flowing downpipe is one of the best upgrades you can put on a car, giving your exhaust a nice deep growl. You’ll also notice your car putting you back in your seat a bit more. Well, with gains of 20 horsepower and 32lb/ft of torque, you wouldn’t be wrong. As Donut Media’s James Pumphrey would put it, “Mo Powah Baby!”

T6 3.5” Downpipe
T5 Downpipe
Drive-E Downpipe


This isn’t a typical must-have suspension modification, but for many P3 Volvo owners, the inside of the rear tire can experience significant wear due to the inability to adjust the camber profile. By adding  Hardrace's adjustable camber arms, you can dial in the camber of the rear suspension, not only increasing tread life, but performance as well if you desire more aggressive handling characteristics.

Hardrace Adjustable Rear Camber Arms, Volvo S60/V60, S80II, V70/XC70 III, XC60

For any additional questions or inquiries, please send us an  email and we'll be sure to make sure you're taken care of!