Bluetooth Audio Streaming & Hands Free Adapter, Volvo P2 Models

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    Our Bluetooth Audio streaming adapter is an easy and inexpensive way to add audio streaming capability to the Volvo radio headunit in your P2 S60, V70, XC70 and S80 models.

    Bluetooth Audio Streaming & Hands Free Audio Adapter Features:

    • Streams audio music or navigation announcements from your smartphone/mobile device or music player to your vehicle's audio system (does not support hands-free telephone functionality)
    • Supports Bluetooth v4.1 amplifier for optimal audio streaming
    • Integrated antenna to ensure a stable connection inside the vehicle cabin
    • Steering wheel buttons can be used to skip tracks (next/previous) in music player applications
    • Invisible installation with no additional wiring needed
    • Recognized by the radio as a 10-disc CD changer
    • Hands Free Audio: Includes a microphone with an 8 foot cable for easy mounting nearly anywhere in the vehicle

    Head Unit Compatibility:

    The adapter simply plugs into the 10-CD changer port on the back of the following Volvo radio headunits:

    • CR-504
    • HU-401
    • HU-403
    • HU-405
    • HU-415
    • HU-555
    • HU-601
    • HU-603
    • HU-605
    • HU-611
    • HU-613
    • HU-615
    • HU-650
    • HU-655
    • HU-801
    • HU-803
    • HU-850
    • HU-1205

    Note: If RTI/Navigation is installed, a 8-pin Y-adapter is required to be used.