Brembo B-Quiet G00075 Brake Pad Grease

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    Lubricate your brake pads with Brembo B-Quiet G00075 Brake Pad Grease.

    Brembo B-Quiet Brake Pad Grease is Brembo's latest brake pad lubricant. It can be applied on all contact surfaces between the pad and the brake caliper. Brembo B-Quiet helps ensure the brake system is working properly and reducing any unwanted noise. 


    • Easy to Spread
    • No Metallic Soaps and Fatty Acids
    • Wash Resistant
    • Protects against Corrosion

    Tips for Use

    • Clean the contact points between the caliper and the pad before applying the product.
    • Apply the product at the contact points between the caliper and the pad
    • Distribute the lubricant evenly over the surface. Brembo B-Quiet can be removed using a cloth and/or detergent for disc brakes.

    Additional Uses

    Brembo B-QUIET is a valid solution for lubricating not only braking system components, but also compressorscentralised lubrication systems, seat guides and sliding sunroof guides, as well as battery contacts.


    **NOTE: Do not apply the lubricant on the disc or pad braking surfaces. The properties of Brembo B Quiet may alter if mixed with other lubricants. Furthermore, it is not compatible with EPDM plastics that could swell