• Prosport 52mm Premium Boost Gauge, Blue/White 216SMWBBOSWL270-PK

Prosport 52mm Premium Boost Gauge, Blue/White

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Product Description

Prosport 216SMWBBOSWL270-PK Premium Series 52mm Electrical Boost Gauge comes in a Blue/White Dial.

If your vehicle is turbocharged, then a Boost Gauge is simply a must have. For peak performance, you need to know how much boost your car is generating at all times. This Gauge can either be Blue or White depending on how it is wired. You can also can wire the the gauge to display one color for daytime and another for nighttime, or in a single color at all times. Incorporated into this Gauge is a Warning and Peak Feature. The Gauge can either be set to emit a beep or change color when a preselected variable is reached. The Peak function allows you to see the highest value on the gauge during operation. This Electrical Boost Gauge uses precision components that are designed to provide very accurate readings.

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