Fifteen52 Chicane Wheel, 5x108/5x112

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    The FIFTEEN52 (1552) Chicane wheel is the first wheel in the Super Touring line, with its 5-spoke design drawing influence from the 1990's. The FIFTEEN52 Chicane has a flat face similar to the Tarmac wheel, but the spokes roll back at the lip, giving additional depth and a profile straight out of the motorsport paddock. Additionally, thinner spokes allows room to display big brakes in proper Super Touring fashion. The Chicane's Lug Cap System features a more hard-edged bowl, while still utilizing a threaded nut and shaft to attach the assembly, just like our favorite race cars!

    Wheels are priced and sold individually.

    Fifteen52 Chicane Features:

    • 1990's inspired 5-spoke design
    • Cast aluminum construction
    • Available finishes: Gloss Speed Silver or Satin Asphalt Black
    • Designed to accommodate vehicles with big brake kits
    • Forged aluminum Lug Cap System hides original lugs, for a race-inspired centerlock adapter look
    • Hub centric rings sized to your vehicle's center bore included
    • Compatible with factory TPMS sensors
    • Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment
    SKUBolt PatternSizeCenter BoreOffsetFinishWeight
    STCSS-88558+45 5x108/5x112 18x8.5" 73.1mm +45mm Gloss Speed Silver 29.6 lbs
    STCAB-88558+45 5x108/5x112 18x8.5" 73.1mm +45mm Satin Asphalt Black 29.6 lbs
    STCSS-98558+45 5x108/5x112 19x8.5" 73.1mm +45mm Gloss Speed Silver 31.5 lbs
    STCAB-98558+45 5x108/5x112 19x8.5" 73.1mm +45mm Satin Asphalt Black 31.5 lbs

    Note: Not all wheels have been tested on all vehicles; in some cases, fender rolling or wheel spacers may be required to clear brake calipers, suspension hardware and wheel arches