Turbo Intake Pipe, S60R/V70R

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    Introducing a Turbo Intake Pipe (Fresh Air Hose) for the Volvo S60R/V70R models! Our Turbo Intake Pipe is designed to replace the restrictive factory plastic fresh air pipe that connects the MAF sensor to the turbocharger's inlet. During flow bench testing, our Turbo Intake Pipe flowed 268CFM, compared to 243CFM from the original plastic pipe.

    The factory plastic pipe is corrugated and reduces down to a diameter smaller than the turbo inlet! These two factors reduce airflow and create a restriction at the turbo. Our Turbo Intake Pipe is made from aluminum and silicone with a full 3" diameter from MAF to the turbo inlet. The factory plastic pipe reduces from 3" at the MAF, down to 2.25" at the turbo inlet.

    Our Turbo Intake Pipe requires that you remove and reuse the PTC from the factory plastic pipe (slight modification to PTC required). The intake pipe retains the same location of the PTC as from the factory. Additionally, it is recessed out of the pipe, further improving airflow. The end result will be better throttle response, and increased horsepower and torque, thanks to the increase in the pipe's airflow. As an added bonus, our Turbo Intake Pipe is fully compatible with both the factory K24 turbocharger unit, as well as our K24 Turbocharger Upgrade!

    PTC Modification Instructions

    PTC Modification Instructions

    Kit Contents

    • 3" Polished 6061 aircraft grade aluminum pipe with welded NPT bungs and installed NPT barbs
    • Two (2) Custom silicone couplers
    • Six (6) ABA 316 stainless steel worm clamps
    • Installation instructions

    Vehicle Fitment

    • 2003 - 2007 S60R/V70R
    • 2005 - 2009 S60 T5